• Does your Will meet your wishes?
  • Is your Will tax efficient?
  • Does your Will cater for any potential claims on your estate?
  • Did you complete the signing process of your existing Will correctly?
  • Does your overall estate plan allow your beneficiaries to protect their inheritance from future loss due to divorce, bankruptcy, addiction problems, care costs and 'generational' inheritance tax?
  • If you have a Will, are you certain it has been drawn up and signed correctly and is therefore a legally valid Will?

At Pattison James Associates, we specialise in reviewing clients' Will to ensure they are up-to-date, highlighting shortfalls where appropriate. Having reviewed many Wills we see many that are invalid despite the deceased believing their Last Will & Testament to be fine.

Common reasons for a Will being rendered invalid include:

  • Not signed correctly
  • Not witnessed correctly
  • Amendments not made in the correct manner
  • Pages loose and / or missing
  • Conflicting clauses within the Will
  • Documents being attached to the Will
  • Dates noted incorrectly
  • Shaky signature without the appropriate covering clause
  • All pages of the Will not touching at the point of attestation
  • Wills witnessed by beneficiaries or their spouse (doesn't declare the Will invalid but does mean the beneficiary can't inherit)

Clearly, when you die you don't get a second chance to correct any errors within your Will and so if you are concerned that your current Will may not perform the job you intended at death, please call 01276 903400 or complete the form below and we will be happy to advise.

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