How can you book your Will writing appointment?

It's never been easier to book your Will writing appointment

You can book your Will writing appointment online now or if you prefer please call us on 01276 903400 and we will do this for you.

Say goodbye to that "I must get a Will" feeling and book your appointment in now.

Typically our Will writing services are available by telephone or face-to-face although due to the impact of COVID-19, we are currently only offering telephone appointments to ensure the protection of our clients and staff alike.

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Here are the most common reasons for putting you off making your Will, what's yours?

Don't struggle on your own with a DIY Will (either on paper or online)

Our professional consultants will explain everything in plain English to ensure your Will reflects your wishes - don't worry - we're the ones writing your Will - not you

What happens if there is no Will?

Without: Your assets will be distributed under the laws of intestacy which are a set of pre-defined rules of distribution called the Laws of Intestacy giving you no control whatsoever over who inherits what.
With: A valid Will enables you to choose who your assets go to.
Without: A court will decide who closes down your estate, whether it be a person or a professional, and will charge a fee to your estate for doing so.
With: A valid Will enables you to appoint your preferred executors to close down your estate.
Without: If you have children under the age of 18 with no surviving parent/guardian a court will appoint guardians for your children. If more than one family member wants to be considered they would assess their suitability and may consider foster care too.
With: A valid Will enables you to choose who would be guardians for your children should you die while they are under the age of 18.
Without: You cannot be sure that your estate will claim the appropriate inheritance tax relief available.
With: A valid Will can be drafted to ensure that any available inheritance tax relief can be claimed on your death.
Without: Unless you have stipulated elsewhere, there are no instructions as to whether you wish to be buried, cremated or otherwise.
With: You can stipulate your wishes.
Without: You cannot ensure your wishes are carried out on death.
With: You can ensure your wishes are carried out upon death.
Without: You can expect to leave a costly and lengthy probate process which in turn can often lead to loved ones falling out with each other as well as a lasting memory of the difficulty resolving things on your behalf - is this what you want?
With: You can ensure a smooth process and a relatively pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Why do I need a Will?

It is our belief that it's everyone's social responsibility to get all their affairs in order before they die. But do YOU need a Will? Let's have a look and see:

What are the most common reasons for making a Will or updating an existing Will?

  • Buy a property
  • Get married
  • Children are born
  • Receive inheritance
  • Going on holiday without the children
  • Get divorced
  • Get remarried
  • Invest in additional property
  • Start a second family
  • New grandchildren
  • Lose loved ones
  • Become widowed
  • Fall ill or require surgery
  • Fall out with loved ones

As we look through the line of life there are a number of 'triggers' that spark people into making a WIll, whatever your reason, there is no time like the present.

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The cost of making a Will is far cheaper than the ultimate cost of not making a Will!

You can enjoy our Professional Will Writing Service at an affordable price

£85 for a single Will
£145 for mirror Wills (Wills for couples - only £72.50 per Will)

A very professional and personable service. Peter was extremely helpful and suggested excellent solutions for all the various and varied issues we raised. I would recommend his work and the service provided. unreservedly.

Barry Richardson

Gary was extremely professional and explained each section of the will drafting. His friendly manner put my mum at ease. Would definitely recommend Gary Lewis.

Mrs Smout

The guidance and explanation (of each process or document) was provided in a professional, yet friendly manner. Any further queries I had were then answered accordingly. Another key factor for me is that there was time to process information as the calls / meetings were not rushed. Thank you!


Peter explained things very well, easy to do. I would definitely recommend this Service.

D Pope

Peter Harrison was very well informed and explained all aspects of wills concisely which made the process both very informative and a pleasant experience. Many thanks Peter.

Peter Sherratt

How to make a Will with Pattison James Associates

Step 1.

Book your appointment online or phone us up

Step 2.

Professional consultant takes your Will instructions

Step 3.

Draft sent to you for approval

Step 3.

Original documents sent for signing

Step 4.

Sign in front of 2 friends / neighbours / colleagues

Step 5.

Congratulate yourself - you've written your Will!!

It's never been easier to book your Will writing appointment

You can book your Will writing appointment online (here) now or if you prefer please call us on 01276 903400 and we will do this for you.

Say goodbye to that "I must get a Will" feeling and book your appointment in now.

Book Will appointment

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